A good conversation and how to win an argument

To win an argument, it is important to convince others, but it is just as important to listen.

To change someone’s mind it is important to understand their state of mind, and then use arguments that they understand. To win the argument, it is important to use beliefs, values, and ideas in your own favor.


In the English lesson today, we had an argument in pairs, but neither in my group won. I believe this is because we were focused on our own state of mind, instead of really understanding the other side of the story.

Later the same class, we saw a film about being a good listener. Being a good listener is about really caring about the conversation, instead of pretending to, by nodding and smiling. Some other helpful tips were to focus on the other partner, let other thoughts go, and to ask questions.


To win an argument it is important to prove your argument and have good points. But it’s also important to use the listening tips in the paragraph over.



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