Climate change

Climate change is nowadays a hot topic, both to talk about and in the news. That is not odd at all, because hurricanes and cyclones keep getting bigger and deadlier. The areas around Mexico and the Golf are especially exposed. Just like the huge Hurricane in Puerto Rico last year, and the hurricane in Florence this year.



This is terrifying, and should absolutely be taken seriously. But the frightening truth is the way the U.S government manipulates the death tolls. In fact, they make them seem less dangerous and even try to hide the numbers. They would for example rather said “some lives got lost”, instead of “30 individuals died”.

The Emergency Service is in fact not able to help everyone who needs it. They are simply not fit to handle the extreme weather. All in all, during the tragic hurricane in Puerto Rico, 2975 humans died. But the government first claimed that only 64 lost their lives.

Donal Trump, the president of the United States, even meant the Emergency Service did a “fantastic job” with the Hurricane, despite the fact that 3000 passed away. The president also said they were better than they were handling a hurricane in 2005, where only 1200 died.

donald trump

Unfortunately, the climate changes are very real, and will probably affect our lives a lot in the future. And it is no doubt that the U.S government tries to cover up the mistakes, and the limits of the Emergency Service. The biggest threat with this is the fact that they are probably not prepared to save the people if something dramatic happens.


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