My reading of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The theme paragraph

“Junior, sweetheart,” Mom said. “I’m sorry, but we don’t have any money for Oscar.”

“I’ll pay you back,” I said. “I promise.”

“Honey, it’ll cost hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands.”

“I’ll pay back the doctor. I’ll get a job.”

Mom smiled all sad and hugged me hard.

The theme explained

There are many different themes in the book, but in my opinion, growing up is the most important one. Especially how to grow up in poor families and with a troubled childhood, like in a reservation, therefore is this paragraph significant.

Another important theme in the book is friendship and independence. Rowdy did not like the fact that his best friend changed school. But the main character did it anyway. In my opinion that was a brave and right choice. Everyone cannot agree on everything, and it is important to live your own life. I believe Rowdy understood that at the end of the book because they became friends again.

One last theme I find very important is to make the best of every situation. Junior experienced a lot in his life and had a harsh childhood. First of all, he was born with a disease. And he did not have the best place, environment or family. But he did not let that stop him, he made friends, stood up for himself and was optimistic. An example is that he dared to change school.


The setting paragraph

I wish I were magical, but I am really just a poor-ass reservation kid living with his poor-ass family on the poor-ass Spokane Indian Reservation.

Explanation of the setting

The setting of the book is where the action takes place. And in the paragraph above, the main character, Junior, tells about his home. He was, in fact, living in the United States, but in an Indian reservation. An Indian reservation is a place for Native American tribes. The people in this society were all black and knew each other. This place might sound idyllic, but that is not the truth, as Junior explained in the paragraph above. They were poor and sad, had not many opportunities, know hunger well too good, and the families had often a sad history.


The plot paragraph 

Of course, I was suspended from school after I smashed Mr.P in the face, even though it was a complete accident.

The plot explanation 

This paragraph is significant for the story, for after he got suspended he changed school. He took responsibility for his education and changed to Rearden school. This event made everyone he knew from the Rez feel he betrayed them. He had a hard time making new friends in the new school, but it became better gradually. For example, Junior made a friend after he punched him because he first made a racist joke on Junior. He also got a place on a sports team, which made him happy and a part of a group.

Later in the book, his life became more tragic, because many of the important people in his life died. For instance his sister and a good friend of his father. In addition, it was hard for him in the new school, and he lost contact with his best friend. But in the end, it all became better after he connected with his friend again. And all the way through the story he had the courage and did what he believed was right.


Character development paragraph

“No, I’m serious. I always knew you were going to leave. I always knew you were going to leave us behind and travel the world. I had this dream about you a few months ago. You were standing on the Great Wall of China. You looked happy. And I was happy for you”.

Rowdy didn’t cry, but I did.

“You’re an old-time nomad,” Rowdy said. “You’re going to keep moving all over the world in search of food and water and grazing land. That’s pretty cool.”

“Thank you,” I said.

Character development explanation 

The main character of the book is Junior. In the beginning, he was insecure and did as everyone else around him. But through the book he learned to stand up for himself, and despite his difficulties, he managed everything great it the end. His courage was clearly showed when he changed school, and how he stayed positive, even with a lot of grief.

In this paragraph, he and Rowdy are good friends again. That proves that he also is a part of his old community, and lived partly at the end of the book the way he did at the beginning of the book. But he did change a lot during the book, which is totally natural. I mean, he experienced a lot.


My impression of the book

I liked reading the book. It was interesting, and it was pretty easy to read. There were cartoons, which made the book easier to understand. The book was written in a funny way, and it was in general entertaining. The story variated and was better than I thought in the beginning. For me, the book was also highly exciting, for the reason that a lot of the plot was inspired by the author’s life. I absolutely recommend the book, especially for teenagers.


Questions for the reporter 

An important theme is growing up. Has your own childhood affected the book?

Would you read another book by the author?

How does the main character change through the book?

There are many topics, what is your favorite and the most important one?

To the expert, do you have any questions to the authors?

Is it a turning point in the book?

If a class should read the book, why would exactly your book be the one to read?

Can you compare the two books?








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