Tasks about the movie “Spare Parts”

This powerful movie is very interesting and inspiring. And the fact, that it is based on a true story made the movie even better. The four boys were dreamers, which meant they were undocumented and lived with daily fear. The characters in the movie were mostly true. For instance, Oscar dreamed of joining the army, but could not, because he was undocumented.

Reality vs. the Movie

How they came up with the idea of joining the competition was not entirely true. It was the teacher’s idea, and he was not an engineer. Plus the fact that there were two teachers. But one thing that was true, that I find very cool, is that the boys got the special prize in real life as well. And Lorenzo really did ask to go to Hooters if they won the competition.


spare parts picture.jpg


Are Robots the Future?

The different schools had uncomparable amounts of money. MIT had around eighteen thousand dollars, while Carl Hayden had under eight hundred dollars. In addition, MIT was a university who was one of the best at IT. But despite the money and circumstances, Carl Hayden won. That is very inspiring and proves that money is not at all everything. For Carl Hayden had an amazing and strong advantage, they really worked as a team and used the different qualities the members had.

Robots, as the children made in the movie, can be useful in many different ways. In China, there are made amazing robots, which might save human lives. They are now in use at the hospitals. They will never replace the doctors, but the electronics might have the ability to see, whit dame.jpgat the human eye cannot see. According to the site, Science, seven humans they thought would never wake up, woke up and the robots were the reason. Robots will most likely be a big part of the future. Therefore it is important with young people, like those in the movie, who can study and learn about robots, computers, and electricity. It is important with girls who fancy these topics as well.

Working Together as a Team

Everyone has different qualities, and have something important that can help to improve the world. Alone we have to do much more, and we can feel we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. Together, on the other hand, we can use our own skills, and work on what we do best.

Firstly, in school nowadays, we are very focused on memorizing and being able to learn what we are told. But as we grow up, and get a job, that is just one of the qualities that is essential. Almost every single job depends on cooperation. Adults work with peers and in groups. Often it is not appreciated being selfish and just being able to memorize. Social skills, empathy, and teamwork are essential values for almost every single job. And these values are important in our everyday life as well.



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