Dear Mr.Dicaprio

Dear Mr.Dicaprio.

In my English class today, we saw an interesting and important movie, Before the Flood. At the end of the movie, you and Barack Obama seemed very optimistic towards the Paris agreement. Unfortunately, that arrangement was made a while ago, and a lot has changed. Especially the USA has changed. Now I am pretty worried, what is actually going on? And what will happen in the future?


What surprised me the most in the movie, was the melting of the glaciers. That really made me understand how fast, and how much our climate is changing. The fact that this process leads to climate refugees, is really scary. And proofs that what is going on around us is very dreadful.


However, this film really inspired me to make a change. I understood that everyone needs to do what we can, to help to save our environment. The sad thing is, my actions do not count alone, especially when powerful countries like the USA, act like it does. Helpfully, if everyone makes some offers, and do our best, I know we can accomplish a lot. So my question to you is; what can we do to help to save our planet?

From a 16 years old girl from Norway. 



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