A day’s wait

The book, A day’s wait, is written by Ernst Hemingway. The short story is about a son who is sick and his caring father. The boy thought he was going to die because he had 102 Fahrenheit in fever. He had heard that humans cannot live if the fever is over 44 degrees. The boy mixed the units and became petrified for his own life.

What was mysterious about his behavior, is that he did not talk to his father about is. He tried to not think about the fact that he was dying. The boy did his best to act normal, but could of course not concentrate normally. That made his situation very hard on him. If he had talked to his father, he would have understood that it was nothing to worry about. This is a perfect example that shows that we should not suffer in silence.

I really find this book interesting. Firstly, the short story is partly true, which I think makes it even better. Secondly, the moral of the book, do not suffer alone, is very important to remember. Furthermore, the store was both sad and happy, and that is an entertaining combination.

What is special about this story, is the writing. The short story was originally released in 1933, by the amazing author, Ernest Hemingway. All of his books are special, caused by his famous writing. First of all, he always wrote many short sentences. It is not necessary with many words if you can view your point with fewer. He also focused on having vigorous English, which made his texts better.

Hemingway often let his real life inspire the texts. One of his greatest tips to young writers is to really listen to what people are saying. Perhaps they can inspire your next writing. The famous author is often inspired by his life. And he likes to mix fiction and facts.  For instance, he wrote, A day’s wait, after his first son had had a high fever. The author often includes dialogue. This makes his style highly unique. Dialogue helps the readers to understand the characters, and how they behave.

As we can see, Hemingway had an interesting and different way to write. Many other writers have been inspired, and many have tried to copy his writing style. Because of his writing style and his stories, he has been one of the greatest authors ever.


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